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Make your proposals irresistable
and win up to 20% more deals.

A large number of companies took the journey with us:

Save time Crystal clear analyses Efficient presentations
with Winning Proposal

Tell your story with a visually appealing proposal. Show that you understand the customer demand and respond with your organisation’s expertise and solutions. Dazzle, surprise and impress potential customers.

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Create a


with Winning Proposal

Experience the benefits of a proposal tool that delivers premium results in no time. As if you put in hours of work, but managed it in minutes.

With Winning Proposal’s IT solution, you can create a proposal that responds to customer demand in no time. Fully customized in your branding. Be sure to leave an unforgettable impression.

More profit in less time.

Consistent brand story

No more wrong logos, incorrect color use or formatting issues. A consistent brand story, even when multiple people send out proposals.

Technically perfect

You can work in the SaaS solution from a PC, laptop or tablet anytime and anywhere. We constantly update our software, so you’re always working in the latest version.

More often successful quotes

Thanks to the user-friendly tool packed with smart features, you save time and create proposals that score up to 20% better.

Real-time insights

Receive notifications and valuable insights. You can make informed decisions and follow up on the proposal at exactly the right time.


We provide the perfect multilingual settings. You choose the relevant language when preparing the proposal and give your potential customers a limitless experience.

The nummer 1 in Proposal Marketing

Persuading the customer – it starts even before they are officially a customer. . It’s all about how you present your proposal, how quickly you deliver it and, above all, how well you listened to the customer. Your solution must fit the customer’s needs perfectly. And your added value? It has to exceed their expectations.

With years of experience in Proposal Marketing, we know better than anyone how to win that sought-after assignment. Say ‘goodbye’ to your standard Word document and make an impression.

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The kickstart of your Winning Proposal

A winning setup

We take a close look at your website, documents and current proposals. We brainstorm with the sales and marketing team, find out what you think is important and create a persuasive proposal structure. Obviously shown in a sample proposal to give you an accurate impression.

Content is king!

Do you supply the content yourself or can we take it off your hands? It's up to you. In any case, all photos and texts are stored in a content base to allow you to access them at any time. Wherever and whenever you want.

Everyone loves Winning Proposal

Another new system... Who wants that anyway? Well, anyone who loves efficiency and convenience. With Winning Proposal you create a professional proposal in no time. The user-friendliness of our system saves time and increases the chances of a successful deal. Be prepared to be showered with compliments!

Our customers about Winning Proposal

Boels Rental is a leading rental specialist of tools and machinery for various industrial applications. The company provides equipment, service, and solutions to successfully complete projects. Together with their private and business customers, they build success. A success that has only continued to grow since the implementation of Winning Proposal.
Ambius klantreferentie Winning Proposal
Ambius is a specialist in the field of interior landscaping and vertical greenery. With this, the organization provides customized green solutions in (business) premises to enhance the working environment, productivity, and interior. To quickly and easily generate strong proposals for their clients, Ambius chose Winning Proposal.
Klantreferentie offerteoplossing WP
HP is a technology company committed to making the world a better place. With more than 80 years’ experience, HP creates innovations to make life easier for people worldwide. And with Winning Proposal, it all starts with a good proposal!

We go with the (work)flow!

Link Winning Proposal with your current software to close deals fast and efficiently.

We go with the (work)flow!

Link Winning Proposal with your current software to close deals fast and efficiently.

Even more reasons

To choose for Winning Proposal
above all

At least once every year our systems are tested by ethical hackers to discover any weaknesses. With success, because we emerge as winners from the test with only minor points of improvement. Your data is safe with us thanks to our encrypted database and SSL connections.

Support is included

Unsure about anything? Our loyal support team is here for you. And if we can do it fast, we will do it fast. You don’t get a ticket number, you get an answer. No fuss.

Winning mood session

A great begin is a future win. When everyone happily and properly uses the tool, it contributes to joined success. You can leave that to us. We train your people in an efficient (online) session. Within an hour everyone masters it!

What is new

13 Pitfalls when creating a proposal

Did you know that 50% of the prospects receiving a proposal are ultimately disappointed with the proposal they receive? Make sure your prospects aren’t one of them by reflect on which pitfall you might have unwittingly fallen into and use these insights to improve your approach and proposal.
Offerte met sterk verhaal

The words in your proposal matter

What sort of texts do you prefer to read? Short, clear, and straightforward language? Or do you lean more towards long, formal sentences filled with professional jargon? There’s a big chance that you choose the first option.
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Give your proposal that spark

At Winning Proposal, we use data to measure which part of the proposal is read the most. What brought the sparkle that made the customer decide to ask you for a proposal?

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