This is how you show in your proposal that you’ll fulfil your promise

In the initial three segments of the NOSE framework within your proposal, you not only demonstrate a profound comprehension of the desires and wishes of your customers, but also show how you can contribute significant value through the implementation of the right solution. Which brings us to the last letter: the E of Evidence.

How do you prove to the prospect that you can achieve what you promise? You can do that by providing the following evidence: You can do that by providing the following evidence:

Evidence from customers

Supporting your claims with evidence from customers adds credibility to your message. Consider elements like proposals, references, logos, and, best of all, case studies. The fact that your customers are willing to speak for you is great. But on the other hand, we all know, as do your prospects, how this works. You only choose customers who are happy and satisfied and who will emphasize why they choose you. Nevertheless, a testimonial from a customer is powerful. Especially when it is a reference from a customer in the same sector as the prospect or with an identical issue.

Do you want to make a proposal more powerful? Then add these references to your proposal. In Winning Proposal, we include video messages from customers. Hearing and seeing the customer say that you are the right party will convince your prospect even more. Another effective method is a case study. A case study is more informative than a testimonial. Focus in the case study on the result the customer has achieved with your help, not on what you have delivered. A standard structure to keep in mind:

Internal evidence

The knowledge and experience of your team reflect the capabilities of your company. If the project manager has successfully completed many similar projects before, then this will help your prospect feel more confident in your capabilities.

An implementation plan that you’ve applied successfully before also gives that confidence. Especially if you indicate that you continuously optimize said plan based on practice. Customers will be ensured that you are a strong partner. Finally, you can present facts about your company, like: how many customers do you have, how long have you been in existence, or how many employees do you have. If the customer sees that you are experienced and large enough to handle the job and provide stability.

Objective evidence

Certifications, membership of a professional associations or a label that is recognised in your branche: these are all evidence that you deliver quality. If you have won an award, such as an FD Gazelle Award, or if a supplier has named you a Premium or Gold Partner, mention this in your proposal. Because these are all proofs that could eliminate any lingering doubts the customer has.

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