Our software

A custom solution

With our proposal solution you create interactive proposals that seamlessly matches the customers requirements. In just a few clicks. And the layout? It fits automatically and always looks spotless.


Single Sign On

With single sign on, you make Winning Proposal accessible in the office environment. But you can also close it immediately for anyone who is no longer employed.

Two Factor Authentication

With multi-factor authentication you create an extra layer of security. The customer can only access the proposal by using a code sent via SMS.


Compliant with GDPR standards, you can see how your proposals are perceived.


We set up a workflow according to your wishes. This allows you to arrange internal approval and work together in the same document. . In the timeline, you can see who did what – including comments.

Reminder and alert

Does the customer request a slightly longer consideration period? Or do they desire additional actions? You always have an overview with the reminder and alert function.

Digital signing

Is your customer convinced? Then they can instantly sign digitally. You receive a notification in your e-mail so that you can perform the necessary actions immediately. This saves sales and administration time.

Management info

You have insight into the sales funnel and know per sales rep and branch how many proposals were submitted and what the score is. . With this data you can continuously optimize your sales process.

Hot Leads

We automatically put the most interesting prospects on top. For example, based on the amount of views or the proposed amount.

Technically perfect

Winning Proposal has a 99.999% uptime. You can work in the SaaS solution from a PC, laptop or tablet anytime and anywhere. We constantly update our software, so you’re always working in the latest version. The system automatically backs up systems and proposals. In the worst case, you’ll lose 5 seconds of information.

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