Our solution is designed to optimise your sales performance and achieve your goals. Our customers saw great results such as 70% more saved time and 20% higher conversion rates. 

Boels Rental is a leading rental specialist of tools and machinery for various industrial applications. The company provides equipment, service, and solutions to successfully complete projects. Together with their private and business customers, they build success. A success that has only continued to grow since the implementation of Winning Proposal.
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Ambius is a specialist in the field of interior landscaping and vertical greenery. With this, the organization provides customized green solutions in (business) premises to enhance the working environment, productivity, and interior. To quickly and easily generate strong proposals for their clients, Ambius chose Winning Proposal.
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HP is a technology company committed to making the world a better place. With more than 80 years’ experience, HP creates innovations to make life easier for people worldwide. And with Winning Proposal, it all starts with a good proposal!
Berkvens is a leading manufacturer of doors and window frames. From its headquarters in Someren, the Netherlands, Berkvens aims for neutral or even negative C02 emissions. The former family business uses Winning Proposal to improve the tender process. As a reliable partner in the construction and interior industry, professional proposals in the Berkvens corporate identity respond to customer demand, depending on the sector. A customised solution that makes every client instantly notice it’s Berkvens – based on the look and feel.
Medentex provides innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for processing and recycling dental waste, such as amalgam. To persuade more dentists to choose Medentex as a partner, the company sought out an automated and user-friendly quotation system, ultimately opting for Winning Proposal.
For over 30 years, the Belgian employment agency Agilitas has excelled in connecting businesses with the right temporary workers Every day, the skilled teams dedicate themselves to fulfil the needs of their temporary workers and their clients. But what really sets Agilitas apart is their perfect blend of flexibility and expertise. They are the committed partner in the search for talent for every business.
Ambiance is the largest sunshade specialist in the Netherlands. With 39 branches spread across the country, the professional experts are ready to provide you with advice on sunshades and window treatments. Everything at Ambiance revolves around quality, from the products to the entire customer journey. This has been made possible through the assistance provided by Winning Proposal.
Luba Employment Agency, the largest employment agency for medium-sized businesses, excels in finding the perfect connection between candidates and employers. In recent years, Luba has undergone an impressive transformation. From just one branch in Leiden, it has grown into a network of more than fifty locations, spread across the Netherlands.

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