Ambius: the overall quality of our proposals has improved.

Ambius is a specialist in the field of interior landscaping and vertical greenery. With this, the organization provides customized green solutions in (business) premises to enhance the working environment, productivity, and interior. To quickly and easily generate strong proposals for their clients, Ambius chose Winning Proposal.

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“Our employees love working with Winning Proposal”

For a long time, Ambius used a custom-made quotation system. However, this system proved to be incomplete and unsuitable. “It was very extensive,” says Gaston Plantaz, Marketing Manager & Business Developer at Ambius. “But it simply wasn’t user-friendly.” The output also did not align with the organization’s vision. “We are a company that wants to convey an experience, and our old proposals looked more like receipts than real proposals.”

Sending quality proposals quickly

Therefore, Gaston began searching for a different system that would suit Ambius better. Through the sister company Initial, he discovered Winning Proposal. The enthusiasm for the user-friendliness and effectiveness of the system played a crucial role in their choice. It turned out to be a good choice because since then, they create clear and comprehensive proposals.

Winning Proposal makes it easy for Ambius to sending quality proposals quickly. “We have ensured that the overall quality of our proposals has improved.” This optimization is a positive development and is especially beneficial for large accounts where proposals are frequently sent. ”With Winning Proposal, our employees have the ability to work quickly and efficiently. The easy signing process also speeds up the entire workflow. This is positive for both us and the customer.”

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Improved conversion

Due to its user-friendly nature, everyone can easily work with the system. “Especially new employees can quickly start creating proposals with little training.” These adjustments result in customers finding the initial proposals they receive to already look good. They feel understood by the elements included in the proposal, which contributes to the conversion. “We include those specific elements that are important in the proposal. And we notice that this has truly helped improve the conversion.” Capturing the questions the customer asks in advance increases conviction. Customers perceive the new proposals as comprehensive and clear.

Modern design

Gaston emphasizes the close connection between the marketing vision and software development as essential pillars of Winning Proposal’s success. He notes that it extends beyond strict IT aspects, with the design and user-friendliness being contemporary and modern. “The good thing about Winning Proposal is that it is a company that really collaborates with their customers. We often have a new idea that we want to implement in practice, which the current system does not support. Then Winning Proposal comes up with good ideas.” Gaston concludes: “Winning Proposal is simply a very pleasant company to work with.”

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Winning Proposal connects easly with all modern ERP- and CRM software, as SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Afas, PerfectView, Okta, Zapier, Sugar CRM.