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The road to success never ends

Our proposal solution is here to help you every step of your sales journey. With our expertise and dedication, we make sure you get the most out of our software and reach your sales potential. Let’s build your success together with our innovative software!



We compile an inventory of your current proposals, website and sales documents. In a brainstorming session, we will discuss with you what your customer's triggers are. What do they care about and how do you respond? What do customers want to know more about? ? We add reliability and trust with information about your company's people, product specifications, implementation approach, references, etc. We fuse all these insights into a proposal structure and make it tangible in a complete sample proposal. In this test run you experience what creating and receiving a custom Winning Proposal proposal looks like.

Building your Winning Proposal

We'll discuss how your Winning Proposal works What fixed components do you want? And do you have any frequent proposals for which you need to adjust the text? Whatever workflow you desire, we capture it and apply it during the creation of your Winning Proposal. We create a custom design for your company. Construction is done in sprints. After each sprint, we review the progress with you.

Winning Mood

It is important that everyone knows and likes to use Winning Proposal correctly. That's why we train your people in an (online) Winning Mood session. It doesn't take long. In an hour, everyone masters Winning Proposal. Do users have questions? If so, you can make good use of the -unlimited questions- in the first month. As the Administrator of Winning Proposal, you'll receive a separate training course in which you'll learn how to edit content, add users and answer user questions yourself.


Can't figure something out as an Administrator? Our loyal support team is here for you. And if we can do it fast, we will do it fast. You don't get a ticket number, you get an answer. Is it more complicated? Then we will handle it as specified in the Service Level Agreement. Support is included!

Succesmanager offerte applicatie

Increase succes

Your business success manager periodically reviews Winning Proposal with you. In particular, how are the numbers of proposals and conversions doing? Is all the content still up to date, what best practices can we see, and what requests or questions do users express? Thanks to ongoing monitoring, your Winning Proposal remains a first-class dealmaker.

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