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Self-endorsement is a familiar concept. After all, as experts in proposal software, we at Winning Proposal recommend Winning proposal. But you might be surprised that we don’t always claim to be the best solution for everyone. After all, the suitability of Winning Proposal depends on why you would need it in the first place.

You need to consider the types of proposals you often submit. Are they tenders or numerous RFPs with a well-defined structure outlined in the request? If this is the case, you will find that most proposal software offer limited benefits for you. . You would do better opting for content-managed software, which houses a content database allowing intelligent retrieval of relevant content for a specific request. While Winning Proposal also features a content database, it primarily serves to support tenders and specific RFPs.

If you have the freedom to fill in the details of your proposals, proposal software can enhance efficiency, enjoyment, and overall output of the proposal process.

We consider two dimensions to evaluate the best proposal software for your needs:

  • Persuasiveness
  • User-Friendliness


How does the proposal software assist you in making a compelling proposal?

By implementing the NOSE structure as a base for your proposal’s framework. And presenting it to the prospect in this order.

Through predefined content addressing customer needs. We systematically gather customer desired and wishes for various clients. At first, companies will sigh and state that there a numerous things they could name. But in the end, it’s never more than 20-25. Each requirement allows you to indicate the standard approach to achieving the desired outcome. This way, you’ve firmly defined needs and outcomes. This ensures that the good quality of argumentation is predetermined. Learning insights can be directly incorporated into the content database, benefiting the entire sales team. Of course, the person creating the proposal should always have the flexibility to customize content for customer-specific arguments.

By ensuring each proposal looks professional. A well-crafted proposal indicates how well you paid attention to the customer, helping you pass the initial screening and become the top choice.

By aligning the proposal with your brand image and style. By doing this, you leverage your reputation, which is built on previous communication during the customer journey.

By utilizing insights from previously submitted proposals Analyse previous proposals and identify which sections are viewed most and which are not. You can use the knowledge to improve and optimize your proposal.


The User-friendliness is an often underestimated, but it’s a crucial asset for good proposal software. Just ask your sales team if they enjoy making proposals. Our guess is that there will be few who will raise their hand. Making proposals is more often than not very dull work and takes up a lot of time. Getting a rejection on your proposal reflects the quality and that can be very discouraging, making it also a very high-risk thing to do.

The art in making good proposals (and enjoy it) lies in ensuring that the proposal software has a good user experience, which ensures that it is actively used to make proposals. Effective software simplifies the process, minimizing creator obstacles. If proposals can be drafted more quickly, with high-quality content and appearance, and the creator receives spontaneous compliments from the recipient, the software becomes a valuable asset. Increased proposal acceptance fuels your sales team’s enthusiasm, resulting in more submissions, heightened sales opportunities, and improved outcomes.

It won’t come as a surprise that Winning Proposal is not solely an IT company. We leverage IT to make our practical knowledge of proposal marketing accessible and usable. To make sure that every proposal you submit carries the right persuasive power.

Evaluate your approach to making proposals. How does it score on the dimensions of persuasiveness and user-friendliness? And should you identify areas for improvement, keep in mind that we at Winning Proposal recommend Winning Proposal.

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