To clearly communicate what Boels Rental can offer to their (potential) customers, a strategic partnership was initiated with Winning Proposal on the recommendation of a member of the board. Mick Brekelmans, Project Manager Sales Netherlands at Boels Rental, took on this sales tool. The goal? To make it clear in the proposals who Boels Rental is, what services are offered, and what the ultimate added value is. Additionally, Boels Rental wanted to simplify the process of obtaining signatures on the final proposal after verbal agreement and increase conversion.

The importance of a consistent brand story

Together with Winning Proposal, Boels Rental searched for a way to create and distribute proposals. One that is usable and workable for every business unit of Boels Rental. “We saw some opportunities where Winning Proposal could help us.” Mick explains.

“A consistent brand story, we’ve done quite a few acquisitions. The customer doesn’t always know exactly what we do.” That’s why consistency was an important part. Digital usability and the possibility of implementing marketing within Winning Proposal also make it a significant improvement over the previous method.

The confirming signature

Winning Proposal enables Boels Rental to generate correct and uniform proposals for their customers. Confirming the proposals in particular was a challenge for Boels Rental. Proposals were often confirmed over the phone, but obtaining an actual signature on the proposal was difficult. “That’s because customers find it difficult to sign, scan, and return something,” says Mick. “Winning Proposal makes it easy for the customer to put their signature on it and return a signed proposals.” This approach resulted in significant time and cost savings.

Experiences that speak for themselves

New colleagues also find the proposaltool easy to use. “We noticed that new colleagues needed clear guidelines to be able to present successful and profitable proposals to customers in the right way.” The use of Winning Proposal has significantly contributed to this.

Customers experience the benefits of the proposals made with Winning Proposal. Mick explains: “Basically, the responses are positive, so the customer is happy to finally receive a document that, yes, fits the quality we want to convey as a company.” The Project Manager Sales Netherlands also mentions the quick contact, short lines, and the added value that Winning Proposal provides to Boels Rental as advantages. “I would definitely recommend Winning Proposal,” concludes Mick.

For a long time, Ambius used a custom-made quotation system. However, this system proved to be incomplete and unsuitable. “It was very extensive,” says Gaston Plantaz, Marketing Manager & Business Developer at Ambius. “But it simply wasn’t user-friendly.” The output also did not align with the organization’s vision. “We are a company that wants to convey an experience, and our old proposals looked more like receipts than real proposals.”

Sending quality proposals quickly

Therefore, Gaston began searching for a different system that would suit Ambius better. Through the sister company Initial, he discovered Winning Proposal. The enthusiasm for the user-friendliness and effectiveness of the system played a crucial role in their choice. It turned out to be a good choice because since then, they create clear and comprehensive proposals.

Winning Proposal makes it easy for Ambius to sending quality proposals quickly. “We have ensured that the overall quality of our proposals has improved.” This optimization is a positive development and is especially beneficial for large accounts where proposals are frequently sent. ”With Winning Proposal, our employees have the ability to work quickly and efficiently. The easy signing process also speeds up the entire workflow. This is positive for both us and the customer.”

Ambius klantreferentie Winning Proposal

Improved conversion

Due to its user-friendly nature, everyone can easily work with the system. “Especially new employees can quickly start creating proposals with little training.” These adjustments result in customers finding the initial proposals they receive to already look good. They feel understood by the elements included in the proposal, which contributes to the conversion. “We include those specific elements that are important in the proposal. And we notice that this has truly helped improve the conversion.” Capturing the questions the customer asks in advance increases conviction. Customers perceive the new proposals as comprehensive and clear.

Modern design

Gaston emphasizes the close connection between the marketing vision and software development as essential pillars of Winning Proposal’s success. He notes that it extends beyond strict IT aspects, with the design and user-friendliness being contemporary and modern. “The good thing about Winning Proposal is that it is a company that really collaborates with their customers. We often have a new idea that we want to implement in practice, which the current system does not support. Then Winning Proposal comes up with good ideas.” Gaston concludes: “Winning Proposal is simply a very pleasant company to work with.”

For several years, HP relies on Winning Proposal to create high-quality and qualitative proposals for their (potential) clients. This collaboration originated from the ambition to improve the sales proposition. “If you want to convince clients of a product or service you want to sell, it is obviously very important that you show that you understand the sector,” says Robert van ‘t Hof, Chief of Staff at HP Benelux. “That you understand the client and what their needs are. And that you can put yourself in their shoes. That creates trust, which is very important.”

Selling through partners

For HP, this meant revamping its proposals. It was clear that the first impression of the proposal plays a big role in the success rate. In their previous form, proposals were inconsistent and therefore not always effective. In his search, Robert came across many proposal solutions, but was most drawn to Winning Proposal. “There are several parties in the market offering a solution, but we immediately became enthusiastic about Winning Proposal. Also because of the flexibility and the model. We are an organisation that sells high amounts through partners, so it was important to us that somehow that could be integrated.”

Partners are key for HP, and it was essential that Winning Proposal involved them in the set-up. “How we look at the sales process is that our sellers first engage with a client and then put down a proposition. And that proposition is taken over by a partner who matches that with an actual product or service.” Being able to translate a proposition to a partner is easy and straightforward with Winning Proposal.

Qualitative and client-oriented proposals

Besides user-friendliness, design and appearance were also major aspects. “A proposal starts with the client’s challenge. Followed by: what are the trends going on in the market? But also: how can we then help that client?”, says Robert. Previously, proposals did not focus on the client, but on the product. This was changed in collaboration with Winning Proposal. “We then looked at what we want proposals to always look like, to give a uniform image to clients. A proposal that focuses on how we can help the client. With your help, a new design was created, which fully complied with our corporate brand guidelines.”

HP’s sales team works with Winning Proposal daily and is very pleased with the tool. Not only has the quality of the proposals increased, but the process of creating them was simplified and made more efficient. “A nice bonus. But in the end, what matters is: how does the client receive the proposal? And in that, we see very positive reactions.” Clients feel understood and see their wishes reflected in the proposals. The personalised approach has led to a significant increase in conversion, underlining the success of this transformation.

Through a previous employer, Pepijn Kokke, Commercial Director at Berkvens, first learned about Winning Proposal. The helpful contact with Winning Proposal made the decision to work together again at Berkvens easy: “Everything comes together and that’s great for me personally. This uniformity is very important for a company. You don’t want Berkvens displayed with a very large logo one time and a very small one the next. We have fantastic doors and window frames here, a fantastic look and feel also belongs in the proposal.”

Version-controlled proposals designed from a marketing perspective

For Pepijn, having a Customer Success Manager clearly adds value. “They sit next to you, that’s how it feels. They brainstorm with you. About how things can be improved, easier and how you can get more results, because in the end that’s what it’s all about. And yes, we experience that as very pleasant.”

Winning Proposal is an extension of how you want to present your brand to the outside world. It is an ideal solution for companies that want to keep their own identity and professionalism. “For us internally, it has many advantages that we can easily trace back which version we sent, so to speak, six months ago. And compared to the current version, and what has changed? Yes, and in fact that is a great advantage both internally and externally.” For instance, you never have to worry if you are working in the latest version, the online version is the latest version.

In addition to the uniformity of proposals, Winning Proposal’s integrated analytics and learning capabilities give more insight into promising hot leads for targeted follow-up.

Administrator as spokesperson

Listening to users is an important part to ensure proposal quality. Users with an admin role have the ability to control and adjust content such as texts and images. Immediately, the adjustments are available to all users. In turn, users pass comments and wishes to the admin.

“Why does that client choose Berkvens or why should they choose Berkvens? And it’s always very refreshing to do that together. We immediately did that with a number of stakeholders.” Eventually, this approach also led to good adaptation rates and enormous happiness for the employees on the go, as they are able to make the most beautiful proposals every day.

Even though there is a sufficient demand for Medentex’s services, it turned out to be a challenge to convert prospects into customers. Bassir Ihity, Manager at Medentex Netherlands, explains, “We have very pleasant conversations on the phone, but it always stayed somewhere in the middle until the customer ultimately decided whether or not they wanted to become our client.”

Bassir decided to look into it to find what was wrong. He quickly discovered that the issue did not lie with the quality or services of Medentex, but with the structure of the proposals. These did not align with the preferences of the target audience. “Our customers are dentists. They have very little time and are giving treatments all day. So, you have to make it as easy as possible for them to see a proposal and to make a decision.” To achieve this, Medentex sought an automated system that could quickly generate powerful and clear proposals. “User friendliness is the most important thing,” explains Bassir. “It must be time-saving, organized, and follow-ups should be easy.”

The search led Medentex to Winning Proposal. With Winning Proposal, the process of making proposals was simplified and enhanced. “Proposals used to be a lot of manual work. With everything already in the system, in Winning Proposal that is, we can generate a beautiful, customizable proposal within a few clicks.” Winning Proposal also increased the visual appeal of the quotations. “Proposals made with the help of Winning Proposal stand out, particularly due to the visual aspect. They look fantastic and also come with the ability to include videos and photos. I find that a unique aspect, especially for our customers.”

Ever since using Winning Proposal, the conversion rate of Medentex has significantly increased. “This system is perfect for our business. Without naming specific numbers, I have definitely noticed a proportionally higher conversion rate than before.” Where a lot of time was previously spent on creating proposals and dull administration, everything is now automatically personalized. Customers can even change the number of containers they need without going back and forth. “In our case, this has resulted in considerable savings in cost and time.”

The technological revolution has transformed the quotation process, leading to the rise of digital quotations. Unlike traditional paper quotations, digital quotations save valuable time and resources. They facilitate quicker decision-making and increase accuracy But only if you know how to make optimal use of this new sales tool.

For many companies, including Agilitas, Winning Proposal offers the perfect solution. Eva Mampaey, Key Account Manager at Agilitas, explains why Winning Proposal is the number one choice in their mission for an improved customer experience: “We are a company that considers it crucial to really work with the USPs of our clients. And with Winning Proposal, we have that option.”

In practice, Winning Proposal proves its effectiveness and convenience. The tool is easy to learn and also easy to use. Both essential aspects, because the Office Managers needs to send out customized quotations daily. “Our customers react positively. They appreciate receiving and signing the quotations digitally. They find it very satisfying.”

There is an excellent customer experience from start to finish, thanks to the persuasive quotations that Ambiance achieves with Winning Proposal. Vincent Zacht, Marketing Manager of Ambiance, emphasizes that the first quotation the customer sees needs to stand out. “We always want to outperform our competitors at Ambiance. This starts with a good quotation for the customer. That first impression makes us stand out!” says Zacht.

Initially, Ambiance chose Winning Proposal to handle all digital estimates that were submitted through the website. When an estimate comes in through the website, Winning Proposal converts the data into a beautiful and clear quotation. “Our quotations are more persuasive than those of our competitors,” says Zacht. “Which is why we wanted to facilitate this in our stores as well. We have therefore expanded the digital quotations we make with Winning Proposal. We have made a standard digital quotation that can be adjusted and signed on the spot with a tablet by the customer.”

The automatic system behind this process ensures that order processing starts immediately after the customer’s signature. Due to the speed and insight that Winning Proposal provides in quotations, the process is much faster and more efficient.

With Luba’s growth, there was a need to quickly create proposals that are clear to the customer and strengthen their own brand. The solution came in the form of a collaboration with Winning Proposal. Johan Doornenbal, General Manager of Luba, shares his views on this step.

The advantage is that you can quickly create a proposal that looks good and is to-the-point. This saves time for other things, such as recruiting people.”

The use of Winning Proposal has also had an impressive impact on the conversion rate Doornenbal licht toe: “There is a doubling of the number of proposals and a conversion of 70%!”

Winning Proposal creates a good extension of Luba’s brand. Because the proposals are well aligned with the corporate identity and tone-of-voice, they fit perfectly with the message that Luba wants to convey to its customers and prospects. Doornenbal notes that customers get a positive and clear impression from the proposals.

The customer feels understood. What was indicated in the conversation comes back in the proposal. Short and concise. That saves time for the customer as well.”